You should expect to have a down-to-earth conversation with an approachable person who knows her stuff! You should also expect to hear her New Zealand accent and you'll probably have a laugh or two. It's important to Honey that she builds trust and an authentic relationship so you can work well together. Honey knows how important your project is to you so she takes her job very seriously and never loses sight of the end goal, and that is to create a wonderful home for you and to treat people well in the process. With Honey on your team, you'll have a fierce advocate with high standards and she can't WAIT to help make your house a home!

Many people make the mistake of asking a contractor to come and give them a quote on a project as their first step. But, what are they quoting on? What design do you want? What materials will you use? What is the approximate cost? How much should you invest in the project to make sense for your home value?

The FIRST step in any interior construction project (residential or commercial) is to meet with a qualified designer or architect. Determine your design, materials and budget BEFORE asking for quotes. 

If a general refresher is what you need, spend some time together to determine your goals, identify what needs to happen and establish your budget. If you would like a plan to follow, her design concept packet includes idea images, links and pricing. You'll then have a simple plan of attack you can implement at your leisure or, hire Honey to complete. 

There are many ways to get the look and feel you want and she can work with your budget, you just need to tell her what it is. If you don't know, she can help you figure out what needs to be done to create the home you want and determine what that budget is.  $100 - $100,000+ Honey will design a plan that will work.   


Honey is happy to have an initial phone meeting to determine the scope of your project and how she can help. Your next meeting will be when she'll begin working on your solution so all further meetings are billed at $125 per hour.